McSorley’s Ale House

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如果你跟人說很喜歡吃漢堡飽,聽起來似乎是很沒品味的調兒。但若你知道,剛替我們殺了拉登的美國首位黑人總統奧巴馬,也是漢堡的超級粉絲,是否多了點勇氣去承認你對漢堡的鍾情?我有時也會掛念起漢堡來,而且這種嚥著口水的掛念,非常視乎你吃過多用心製作的漢堡 - 製作越認真,掛念便越深。

If you tell people you love hamburgers, it may seem you are not someone with classy taste.  However, if you know that the first colored President of United States of America, Mr. Obama, who recently killed Laden for us, is as well a huge fan of burgers, you may suddenly gain some gut to admit your affection for the bun.  I miss hamburgers sometimes, and these drooling kind of thoughts really depend how seriously a chef has done a burger for you – the better it does, the deeper the love.

在多年被麥當奴投以先入為主的味道後,我嘗過吃完要黏手指的漢堡,包括越南Hard Rock Cafe的安格斯牛肉芝士漢堡、澳門漁人碼頭一間已結業美式餐廳一份叫 It Takes Two」的雙層牛肉芝士漢堡,以及澳門威尼斯人McSorley’s Ale House 的煙肉芝士牛肉漢堡。

After having so many years of McDonald’s burgers, the other buns which ever made me lick my fingers are Ho Chi Minh City Hard Rock Cafe’s Angus Beef Cheese Burger; a double cheese burger named “It Takes Two” I had in a closed American Diner at Macau Fisherman’s Wharf; and the Bacon Cheese Burger at McSorley’s Ale House of Macau Venetian.

那天我與友人乘的士前往威尼斯人的穿梭巴士停泊處,內進經演唱會售票處行走,不消五分鐘,便見到Zaia紀念品店,及在藍蛙餐廳旁的McSorley’s Ale House

My friend and I decided to ride on a taxi that day to arrive at the Venetian’s shuttle bus stop entrance.  We walked five minutes to see Zaia Souvenir Shop, and McSorley’s Ale House was just at the opposite, with Blue Frog right next to it.

餐牌上樣樣吸引,我們心猿意馬,看著牌子良久,最後決定要煙肉芝士牛肉漢堡、忌廉蘑菇煙肉意粉。我喜見酒牌上有一整列的Single Malts可以選擇,選了一杯沒喝過的Oban 14年,友人則要了一杯一品脫 Ginger Ale

All items on the menu look attractive, only until some while that our indecisive minds order Bacon Cheese Burger and Linguine Carbonara.  While my company ordered a pint of Ginger Ale, I was thrilled to see a list of Single Malts on the wine menu, so chose the Oban 14 years which I had never tried before.

友善的侍者先端上 Oban 14年威士忌及一杯冰水。我將酒杯遞高對著白色背景,色澤金如深秋,搖兩下,掛杯留痕,喝下去是我喜歡的較活潑富果味;用叉子取兩滴水加進去,再嘗,就如墨化開了,墨路內容更為明顯,有梨味,蜜糖甜,卻不失酒勁,刺激著嘴唇。友人說她的Gingle Ale 味道也不錯。

The friendly waitress got me a glass of ice water to go with the Oban 14 years whiskey.  I raise the wine glass to any white background and find its color clear, golden like autumn.  By swirling the glass, the whiskey is full-bodied leaving long tears to the sides.  Take a sip, it’s fruity and lively.  Using a fork to dip in two drops of water, every element of the content immediately being magnified and easier to distinguish.  Flavor of pear, honey-like sweetness, but never loss its strength of spirit to irritate my sensitive lips.  My friend also loved her Ginger Ale.


The two main dishes arrived almost the same time which is an excellent practice to avoid either customer staying idle while the other friend is enjoying the meal.  Though we planned to share food, I still find this act deserve a compliment.


There’s a cute little flag of McSorley’s standing on the Linguine Carbonara.  Handsome. Two garlic breads, and not one, on the side.  Attentive.  We two busy having the linguine, turned to nod our heads at each other appreciating the good taste.  The mushroom is of good quality, holding strong aroma and well cooked, with its taste mixed thoroughly with the bacon and white sauce with eggs.  The flavorful Parmesan Cheese created further thickness that the sauce lingered on every strip of spaghetti making each mouthful full of taste of richness.


To determine how much effort the chef had put into our main dish Bacon Cheese Burger, we must look at the French Fries on the side.  Golden big chunks, crunchy on the outside while soft and starchy inside.  Cannot even find a single dot of black oil residue on them, proving frequent replacement of deep-frying oil, which increased cost but brought to us extremely tempting dish.  The warmth and flavorous smell of the French Fries just invited us to take them with our fingers, and they tasted as good with or without the Ketchup!


Another supporting actress we must not forget to mention is the Pickled Cucumber!  Everytime I’ve decided to visit an American Diner, this not-too-sour yet appetizing pickled is something I looked forward to as I ordered the burger.  Very crunchy and would never become a piece of left-over green.


How about the Hamburger?  Absolutely perfect!  Pan-fried bacon is crisp and not too salty.  The beef is ordered to be medium well, so it came with Millard effect on the surface but juicy at the center.  Beef and Cheese are good friends and when they come together, they are invincible!  Fed these two locusts so full!


We still got two garlic breads untouched, intended just to take a bite, but the unexpected good taste drew us to finish all.


Customers of McSorley’s are mostly foreigners.  However, as we can reach the restaurant without passing through the casino, we can also see local parents bringing their kids to have hamburgers.  Quiet and free from cigarettes smell, McSorley’s is a comfortable place for chatting which you will eventually forget you are actually inside a casino.  The delicate décor, decorations from American’s everyday life, the English pop music, the American atmosphere is simply relaxing but outstanding.  I was placing my eyes on the shiny black and white floor tiles, while listening to my friend saying she already missed her boyfriend in USA.

Recommended Dishes 推介菜式:

煙肉芝士牛肉漢堡、忌廉磨菇煙肉意粉、Oban 14年威士忌、Ginger Ale
Bacon Cheese Burger, Linguine Carbonara, Oban 14 Years Whiskey, Ginger Ale.

Evaluation 評分 (5分為滿分 / 5 as highest rank)

Taste                   味道                1-2-3-4
Service                服務                1-2-3-4
Environment        環境                1-2-3-4
Pricing                 價錢                1-2-3
Chef’s Passion   廚子的熱情    1-2-3-4

McSorley’s Ale House

Where   : 澳門威尼斯人1038號店 (近太陽劇團,藍蛙餐廳及峰景餐廳側)
              Venetian Macao, Shop 1038 (Near Zaia, next to blue frog and Café Deco)

Tel         : (853) 2882 8198

Open     : Mon-Sun, 12:00 noon – 1:00 am