Panna Cotta

Last time when I made portuguese egg tart, I have a leftover box of cream in fridge. So with vanilla seeds straight from vanilla pod, some milk, sugar and gelatin sheets, I have made these Panna Cotta as the dessert on a Sunday night!


Can't help but sharing the pics if my homemade prawn dish last night! So crunchy and delicious! Even the shells can be eaten, good source of calcium, too!

Only made with the Vietnam frozen tiger prawns from supermarket! Try!


印尼沙律醬 - 驚艷!推介!

Very often salad is the side dish and works well when u have a big piece of meat or can go on its own if u have a few pounds to lose.

Aside from the coconut oil I suggested couple of days earlier, I have a brand new experience to share on salad and salad dressing. It's this - Indonesian salad dressing which tastes a but like satay, of the rich flavor and texture of peanuts and garlic. It just made my European salad more marvelous than ever! So appetizing, so exotic!

It comes in a brick like form, I'm cutting half of it into small pieces and melt it in 75ml of hot water. It needs some pressing and some stir. But the thick sauce just goes so well with my very unwelcomed raw carrots! Greens and eggs of course! It just bring everybody together! Two more pieces of bacon completes the salad bowl and I never feel so satisfied about a salad!

I have eaten two big bowls of such salad just now, without my fork stoping!

Salad does not make you hungry again!

I bought The salad dressing brick from supermarket, but I also see it in dried goods stall at traditional market. It's cheap, 10 dollars maybe, but half of it enough for 2-3 salads. And I'm thinking to make it as a sauce to my satay skewers.



It's how the story started. I have a left over piece of tofu and thinking what to do with it while wandering in the city. I ran into a traditional market as I decided to buy big fish head for this milky color fish head tofu soup! I bought some fish belly for frying in the same stall, too. Why not? I'm getting myself a nutritious fish lunch for today.

The challenge is not the cooking, but buying bloody fresh fish in the wet market. The plastic bags are still stained with blood no matter how may bags the stall owner tries to give you. And the change he handed to you is with a big fish scale on it, and its soaky wet with the fish blood and sea water... I spend the soaky money immediately for the mushrooms and green onions... And it's also about washing and cutting the slippery fish up. It's not that enjoyable so I'm gonna cut it short.

The dish comes up great and that's every housewife survived the market scene I suppose! And I definitely treated the fish soup like a hotpot that I add in mushrooms, three kinds of fishballs (white fishball, fresh fishball, and deep fried fresh fishball), and even sesame sweet dumplings (芝麻湯丸)! The flavor is so intense, color is so beautiful, and the savory sweet sesame dumpling is the highlight to my fish soup and fish meal as a whole today!

You know, whatever works!



I know you love udon, though its unreasonably fattening like a spoiled pretty.

My tricks to a good bowl of home cooked udon, are dried udon noodles from the right origin (讚岐), a decent bottle of udon sauce, and a lot of finely chopped green onions and some fried sesame. Chop the onions to more than u think u should. It gives out the freshening herbal flavor will help the heavily carbon hydrated noodle to taste more lively.


What would you do when you get a bottle of green curry? It just work so well with a lot of stuff, as the lemongrassy and appetizing hot kick can make dull food relationships spark again! ( as being exotic always work...)

Like, making green curry tofu, or just as the sauce to spaghetti. And traditional beef or pork just won't go wrong. Get a place for green curry in your fridge and u'll no longer be the slave to a boring kitchen.


It's been a while that I've been looking for The cold pressed coconut oil. It tastes like intense coconut (of coz!) and just a few drops lifts so much of my appetite about ordinary salad.  All healthy choice, too.

Somehow salad needs a good mate to complete each other.



The word "fusion" doesn't get to my head, but I'd like to say it's Portuguese macalhau crossover Thai curry crossover Italian telephone line spaghetti!

It's just a harmonious threesome who marry each other! XD

Spaghetti goes well with any Thai curry, like tong yum gong, and I find my kitchen a funnier place when i grapped some spaghetti of interesting shapes to be live in my cupboard! These telephone lines from old fashioned LAN line phones really made me laugh! And I love it!

Come on, whatever works!


Since last time making milk tarts, I find myself quite enjoy rolling and pressing the soft dough filled with scattered butter! So this week I take out the thick book of Julia Child - Mastering The Art of French Cooking, to challenge myself making puff pastry!

I was thinking to bake egg tarts Hong Kong style or Portuguese tarts, but my friends insisted on the later, so u can see the pics.

It is not the egg filling that's tricky, but always the pastry! People who don't stay in kitchen for long won't understand the effort behind the small tart that they just bite and swallow. It took me 4 hours to make the puff pastry so that it has many many layers, crispy and tastes so buttery. So don't complain on my time management please.

Packed the pretty tarts in individual bags and I learned that not only all friends preferred portuguese egg tarts than Hong Kong style, they also find tarts with more burn marks on the egg filling are more drooling!


Getting bored of cooking ordinary stuff last week, until I find this convenient pack product from Thailand to erase my dullness!

Then, I started to get new ideas in my head and find challenging myself in the kitchen so enjoyable!

More homemade food coming up!



This is the snack I made for myself while my puff pastry just rolled out now in the fridge for rest! The portuguese macalhau potato cake is well-loved by everybody so pricing a fortune when u order in restaurants and getting 5 or 6 of them only.

For tonight, I think I can have 30 or 40 of them with the cost of one order.



冬菇雞有味飯 / 薑汁炒豆苗



士多啤梨骨 / 白烚椰菜紅蘿蔔